Tax Assistance

In order for you to have an optimal understanding of the tax implications resulting from your activity and to take the proper decisions for generating minimum tax costs, we support you with a wide range of knowledge.

Therefore, we would be happy to use our experience for helping you determine the tax implications of your operations, whether they are performed in Romania or abroad, as well as to prepare the tax returns or any other fiscal obligations.

Tax review

The way we understand the management of tax procedures gives us the opportunity to make sure that you are prepared for a future tax audit as well as to determine if there are any potential risks or opportunities to recover the taxes and fees paid extra.

Revizuiri documente financiare Constanța

Transfer pricing

We are ready to offer you a wide range of services in the field of transfer pricing, starting with analyzing the value chain and the functional chain, continuing with implementing the transfer pricing policies and ending with assistance in case of transfer pricing audits or preparing the tax appeals and any expertise paperwork required in case of transfer pricing disputes.

Tax appeal

Our interest is that your business in Romania is the most efficient from a tax point of view, therefore our services are not limited to consultancy. If you are facing a tax inspection with an unfavorable result, we will support you in challenging the tax decision.

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Servicii de Restructurare Constanța


The business environment nowadays undergoes rapid and deep transformations, therefore is essential for you to be able to constantly adapt to the new conditions. We have succeeded in developing a good collaboration with financial and public institutions, executive directors and investors, so that we can assist you in achieving the corporate reorganization adapted to the needs of your business.

In this regard, we can support you going through the stages of sale, merger, division or acquisition of some businesses, as well as to attract the necessary capital in order to develop the business.

Financial analysis and consultancy

The performance of a business is measured according to the evolution of KPI’s and on the long term is essential for you to be able to recognize the tendency of your business so you can take the best decisions. Of course, this goal involves improving the financial discipline by organize efficiently the accounting processes and creating a “control panel” to guide you on the road to development.
We have practical experience, therefore we can assist you during the following stages:

  • Diagnosing the financial status of your business (carrying out financial analyzes – diagnostic type – in order to identify the vulnerabilities and opportunities of your business);
  • Preparing the financial forecasts (budget, cash flow);
  • Monitoring the budget execution and achieving the cash flow pursued (analyzing the evolution of financial indicators).
Consultanta analiza financiara Constanța
Consultanta juridica - Crystal Solutions

Legal Consultancy

We work with a team of independent lawyers who have managed to develop a significant experience both in relation to local courts or European forums as well as in managing corporate law business processes (such as due diligence works consisting of legal auditing of the businesses, legal assistance in transactions).

Bookkeeping services

From our point of view, bookkeeping services presume understanding your business in the smallest details and the objective of our work is to mirror your activity in the accounting records. In this regard, we can support you with accounting management, so you can focus on the development of your business.
At the same time, we can assist you in carrying out the internal manuals of financial-accounting policies and procedures and we can help you optimizing the daily tasks of the people who manage your accounting internally.

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Raportare - Crystal Solutions

IFRS Reporting

We have the knowledge and the necessary experience to assist you in preparing the financial statements and the reports requested by the group in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Payroll services

The payroll legislation undergoes rapid and often changes, therefore this activity needs to be managed for you by experts. In this regard, we are ready to offer you a wide range of payroll and HR services, such as:

  • Assistance in staff recruitment and management of employment contracts;
  • Processing of timetables, preparation of salary statements as well as tax returns;
  • Representation in front of the Labor Inspection and tax authorities;
  • Managerial reports;
  • Administrative services needed for expats
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Alte servicii

Other support services

Outsourcing of services can be the best solution in today’s market economy. We support you by offering dedicated solutions to your business including providing the practitioners from our team for covering the executive positions within your company.

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